Remodeling For Seniors

It is no secret that the bathrooms in a house receive a lot of attention. Half baths especially tend to receive many visitors, since they are used by residents and guests alike. Homeowners with an outdated look in the powder room may want to consider renovations to turn the space into a more inviting and comfortable room. The effectiveness of remodeled bathrooms not only brings pride to the homeowner but increases the value of the home as well.

Maximizing Space

For many, a remodeling budget does not include an expansion of the room, as this can be costly. Instead, the homeowner will want to look into ideas about making the room feel larger. Some common practices include white color schemes and the use of mirrors. Bright lighting will also help add the illusion of increased space. The use of lines can be utilized to create a beautiful design and add length or width to the room. Long tiles on the floor or walls create space within a small room.

Choosing a Sink

A bulky sink can take up a lot of space. A homeowner may want to consider the options before deciding on one that will cause less room within the half bath. Pedestal sinks come in many styles, giving many options to find the one that fits the room. Wall-mounted sinks are a second space saving option perfect for a powder room. They can be built into the corner to take up even less room.


Under cabinet storage is not as important in the powder room as it would be in other bathrooms. Other options can be utilized to hold the items and save on space. Over the toilet space check that savers make a great option and can be cheaper than other choices. With less to store, shelving hung on the wall may be just enough room to store everything. For those with a larger budget, a niche can be cut into the wall to hold all of the items that will be needed.


Choosing light colors to decorate the room will both enhance the light and make the room feel larger. Homeowners will want to keep bold patterns to a minimum, opting for ones that give the room a you could try this out larger and fresh look. They will want to choose designs that will be timeless to make sure the renovations will not become outdated in the future.

A large mirror above the sink will be not only elegant when done correctly but helps give the room a larger feel as well. The mirror can be a statement piece that pulls the overall look of the room together. The border of the mirror can match the theme and color scheme, the finishing touch of the perfect powder room. Adding space and being conscious about remodeling decisions will make the half bath more than just a busy room in the house.

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